Friday, December 7, 2012

Callback and Function pointer in C++ for interoping with .dll

We use many dynamic library and static library in a project for development purpose .The most way we use is call the various function from the .dll or .lib or any library.But sometimes it is needed to call the application function from .dll or .lib (application: who use the .dll / .lib).

In programming literature it is called as callback.Now I will demonstrate how to call a function of an application to execute from library .

For this purpose we will use function pointer.The way is like....

1. app says    : "dll/lib keep my function address, which you will execute ".
2. dll/lib says : "Ok, I got it and stored it for future use".


3.dll/lib says : "It is time I call you for work my application function".

Step 0 : Declare the function pointer.

i) typedef  void(*function)(void)

  function : function address
  void       : parameter(No)

ii) typedef int(*function)(void)
int         : return integer
function: Function address
void      : No parameter

iii)  typedef int(*function)(int)

int         : return integer
function: Function address
int         : integer parameter

Use as many parameter or return type or function name as you want.

Step 1 : Now set the function pointer of a function to dll/lib by calling a user defined SET method.

Example : 


     toUseFunction  function  =  &AppClass::AppFunction;


int  Appclass::AppFunction(int someVariable)
     int value;

      return value;

Note : For C++ it will create a compilation error if the function is not declare as static member.
Error : 

error C2276: '&' : illegal operation on bound member function expression
IntelliSense: a value of type "int (Appclass::*)(int someVariable)" cannot be assigned to an entity of type "toUseFunction". 
So in declaration it must have to be a static member.

Step 2: dll will stored the function pointer in a public function pointer variable of same type like..


function storedFunctionPointer;

DllClass::SetTheCallback( &appFunction)
          storedFunctionPointer =  appFunction;

Step 3: Call the storedFunctionPointer for execute and return the Application Function Value.

int returnValue = storedFunctionPointer(dllSoomeValuetoApp);

And that's all.Your application works with dll/lib.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rar Password Breaker Software or Code Breaker

                                   Name :  Code Breaker , Version : 2.0 ,Platform : Windows XP/7/Vista
                                   Processor : x86/x64. Capability : Utility
                                   Release Date : 12-11-2012. Category :Free

Description :  It is an utility software  which is used for finding the password of  a .rar file.At present it has Brute Force Password generator and Dictionary Search.In Brute Force generator length of the password can be specified.As we speak it is an Utility Tool ,to use it user must have Winrar Installed.It is multithreaded soft.Here the password are checked in three thread.Use of three thread
1. Symbols.
2. Backward Symbols.
3. Numbers.
4. Auto Shutdown After Generation
5. Time Consumed

Prerequisite :
1. WinRar Installed.

How to Use : In Rar File Location give the location of RAR file you want to break.Select the Procedure(eg. Brute Force ,Dictionary). In Brute Force Procedure you must have to give the Pass Length.In Dictionary Procedure have to give some time to initialize the Dictionary.As the Dictionary we provide are compressed and only 3mb.But In Initialization phase it is decompressed and become 8.87mb . It only need one time initialization.Learn It (AI)is not present in this version.

In winrar unara.exe location   give the location of Unrar.exe of Winrar.
(eg.C:\Program Files\WinRAR\UnRAR.exe).

Now Click on Password Generate Button it will generate the desired Password.

SUCCESS: 500 + download
Download ( Code Breaker V2.0 )

Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to make .cue from .bin or Cue Maker Software ----- Smart Cue

Sometimes after downloading a game ,a software ,a movie it is a pain that it is in .bin format.As a result we can't burn it directly by any magic ISO creator software.So for user little help I have made a soft ,which can do this little work easily. The name of this soft is Smart Cue .

Hope it helps ,all the gamer and video watcher.

MF Link

Note : It was made in a way to test my own C# skill ,as I am sometimes interested to many languages and the need to create software when I need it ( Basically when I download a game , it was on .bin format).

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My favourite writer Humayun Ahmed

There is none who can replace him.At least the standard which he create in is life time in the running literature it never be replaceable.The new generation which is all the time busy in playing PC games,chatting ,bands etc. only his writing makes them to take a glance on the literature.For example Himu and Misir ali all the time keep them on track by anti-logic and logic.They also have show-down on the novel.I myself read all of the books of Himu and Misir ali and wait for the new one to come every year.Now I have to wait for life time.

Except books he makes our dirty film industry pure by his heart warming ,well versed film.Following him many new producer try to make well and good film (not the dirty one) .He also contribute our drama by his dashing drama's.

In writing except romance ,logic ,anti-logic ,he also write many science fiction.His brother Sir Dr. Md. Zafar Iqbal is the man who started science fiction in bangla.

The list of books:

Selected novels
• Lilaboti (2006)                            
• Kobi (Poet)
• Nondito Noroke (In A Blissful Hell)
• Shongkhoneel Karagar
• Mondroshoptok
• Durey Kothay (Far Away)
• Sourav (Fragrance)
• Nee
• Phera(Return)
• Krishno Paksha (Dark Moon)
• Saajghar(Dressing Room)
• Bashor
• Gouripur Junction (Gouripur Junction)
• Nripoti (Emperor)(Drama)
• Omanush (Inhuman)(Adaptation of Man on Fire (novel) by A. J. Quinnell)
• Bohubrihi
• Eishob Din Ratri (These days and nights)
• Ashabori
• Daruchini Dwip(Daruchini Island)
• Shuvro
• Nokhkhotrer Raat (Starry Night)
• Nishithini
• Amar Achhey Jol (I Have Tears)
• Kothao Kew Nei (No One No Where)
• Aguner Parashmony (Philosopher stone of fire)
• Srabon Megher Din
• Akash Jora Megh
• Mohapurush (Great Man)
• Rupali Dwip(Silver Island)
• Kalo Manus (Black man)
• Ke Kotha Koy (Who's Talking)
• Maddhanya (2007) (Noon)
• Maddhanya 2 (2008) (Noon)
• Eshtishon(Station)
• The Exorcist (Adaptation of The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty, published from Sheba Prokashoni)
• Moddhanya Akhanda (2008)
• Tithir nil tualey (Tithi's blue towel)
• Mrinmoyee
• Mrinmoyeer mon valo nei
• Noboni
• Kuhurani
• Aj chitrar biye (Today is Chita's marriage ceremony)
• Tumi amay dekechile chutir nimontrone (When u invited me in the vacation)
• Shedin choitromash (That was the month of choitro)
• Prothom prohor
• Opekkha (The waiting)
• Oporanno (Afternoon)
• Aj ami kuthao jabona (I will not go anywhere today)
• Ondhokarer gan (Song of the dark)
• Jokhon dube jabe purnimar chad
• Chader aloy koyekjon jubok (Some young people in the moonlight)
• Tetul bone juchona
• Jodio shondha
• Ai! Shuvro, Ai!
• Onnodin
• Tumake (To you)
• Ononto ombore
• Pakhi amar akla pakhi
• Nil oporajita (Blue flower)
• Dui duari
• Brishti bilash
• Nil manush (Blue man)
• Jonom jonom
• Jolpoddo
• Jol juchona (Watery moonlight)
• Shomudro bilash
• Chaya shongi (Shade mate)
• Megher chaya (Shade of clouds)
• Priyotomeshu (Dear)
• akjon mayaboti
• Mirar gramer bari (Village of Mira)
• Choitrer ditio dibosh (Second day of choitro)
• Amar chelebela (My childhood days)
• Kichu shoishob (Some childhood days)
• Dekha odekha (Seen unseen)
• Cheleta (That boy)
• Lilua batash
• Asmanira tin bun
• Pencil a aka pori (A fairy drawn by pencil)
• Uralponkhi

Books on liberation war
" 1971
" Aguner Parashmoni
" Shyamal Chhaya
" Anil Bagchir Ekdin
" Jostnya O Jononeer Golpo (tr. The story of Mother and moonlit night)

Misir Ali books
Misir Ali, the character of Humayun Ahmed, a very intelligent lonely professor of Psychology of the University of Dhaka unveils secrets.
Misir Ali Omnibus 1:
  1. Devi (The Goddess)
  2. Nishithini (The Night Roamer)(Part 2 of Devi)
  3. Nishad (Nishada – An indigenous tribe inhabiting ancient India, according to sources in Hindu mythology)
  4. Onno Bhuban (The Other World)
  5. Brihonnola (The Eunuch)
  6. Bhoy (Fear)
Misir Ali Omnibus 2:
  1. Ami Ebong Amra (I and We)
  2. Tondrabilash (Tondra = Slumber; Bilash= Luxury)
  3. Amiy Misir Ali (I am Misir Ali)
  4. Himur Ditiyo Prohor (Himu's Second Moment)
  5. Bagh-Bondi Misir Ali (Tiger Trapped Misir Ali)
  6. Kohen Kabi Kalidash (So Says the poet Kalidash)
untitled yet:
  1. Bipod (Danger)
  2. Onish
  3. Misir Alir Omimangshito Rohoshsho (The Unsolved Mystery of Misir Ali)
  4. Horton Ishkapon (Hearts-Spades)
  5. Misir Ali'r Choshma (Misir Ali's Glasses)
  6. Misir Ali! Apni Kothai?(Misir Ali! Where Are You?)
  7. Himu o Misir Ali (Himu & Misir Ali)
  8. Misir Ali Unsolved
  9. Pufi
  10. Jokhon Nambe Adhar

Himu Series
  1. Mayurakkhi (ময়ূরাক্ষী) (published in May 1990 by Anannya Publications)
  2. Darojar Opashe (1992) (দরজার ওপাশে)
  3. Himu (হিমু) (published in February 1993 by Protik Publications)
  4. Parapar (1994) (পারাপার)
  5. Ebong Himu... (1995) (এবং হিমু...)
  6. Himur Hate Kaekti Neelpadmo (1996) (হিমুর হাতে কয়েকটি নীল পদ্ম)
  7. Himur Dwiteeyo Prohor (1997) (হিমুর দ্বিতীয় প্রহর)
  8. Himur Roopalee Ratri (1998) (হিমুর রূপালী রাত্রি)
  9. Ekjon Himu Kaekti Jhin Jhin Poka (1999) (একজন হিমু কয়েকটি ঝিঁ ‍ঝিঁ পোকা) (published in May 1999 by Pearl Publications)
  10. Tomader Ei Nagore (2000) (তোমাদের এই নগরে)
  11. Chole Jay Basonter Din (2002) (চলে যায় বসন্তের দিন)
  12. Se Ase Dheere (2003) (সে আসে ধীরে)
  13. Himu Mama (2004) (হিমু মামা)
  14. Angul Kata Joglu (2005) (আঙ্গুল কাটা জগলু)
  15. Holud Himu Kalo Rab (2006) (হলুদ হিমু কালো র‍্যাব)
  16. Aaj Himur Biye (আজ হিমুর বিয়ে) (published in February 2007 by Anyaprokash Publications)
  17. Himu Remande (হিমু রিমান্ডে) (published in February 2008 by Anyaprokash Publications)
  18. Himur Ekanto Shakhkhatkar O Onnannyo (2008) (হিমুর একান্ত সাক্ষাতকার ও অন্যান্য)
  19. Himur Modhodupur (হিমুর মধ্যদুপুর) (published in June 2009 by Annesha Publications)
  20. Himur Babar Kothamala(হিমুর বাবার কথামালা) (published in June 2009 by Annesha Publications)
  21. Himur Neel Jotsna (হিমুর নীল জোছনা) (published in February 2010 by Anyaprokash Publications)
  22. Himur Ache Jol (হিমুর আছে জল) (published in February 2011 by Anyaprokash Publications)
  23. Himu Ebong Ekti Russian Pori (হিমু এবং একটি রাশিয়ান পরী) (published in February 2011 by জ্ঞানকোষ প্রকাশনী)
  24. Himu Ebong Harvard Ph.D. Boltu Bhai (হিমু এবং হার্ভার্ড পিএইচডি বল্টু ভাই) (published in August 2011)

" Tara tin jon
" Abaro tin jon

Science Fiction
• Tomader Jonno Valobasa (Love For You All)
• Anonto Nakhatrobithi
• Fiha Sameekaran (Equation Fiha)
• Erina
• Kuhok (Enchantment)
• Ema
• Omega Point
• Shunyo (Zero)
• Onno Bhuban (The Other World)
• Ditio Manob
• Ahok (Collection)
• Manobi

• Advut Sob Golpo
• Kalo Jadukar
• Pipli Begum
• Kani Daini
• Kutu Miah
• Poka (Insect)
• Parul o tinti kukur
• Nil hati
• Bhoot bhutong bhutou
• Mojar bhoot

• Elebele (1990)
• Elebele 2 (1990)

Scientific writings
" Quantum Rosayon

" Grehothagi Josna (Kakoli Prokasoni)

• Five Novels of Nineteenseventies
• Five Novels of Nineteeneighties
• Five Novels of Nineteenninties
• Best Novels
• Premer Golpo Somogro
• Odvut Sob Uponnas
• Nirbachito Kishor Uponnas
• Bhoot Samogro
• Nirbachito Golpo
• Golpo Samogro
• Moktijoddher Uponnas Samogro
• Chhotoder Sera Golpo

Books in English translation 
 In Blissfull Hell 
 Gouripur Junction (2008) 


Name of Film Director Story
Shonkhonil Karagar No Yes
Aguner proshmoni Yes Yes
Srabon megher din Yes Yes
Dui Duari Yes Yes
Chondrokotha Yes Yes
Noi no. Bipod shonket Yes Yes
Amar Ache Jol Yes Yes
Nirontor No Yes
Priotomeshu No Yes
Daruchini Dip No Yes
Shamol Chaya Yes Yes
Ghetuputra Kamola Yes Yes

Notable television dramas

  • Akdin Hothat
  • Abong Einstein
  • Aj Jorir Biye
  • Aj Robibar / Serial
  • Akti Oloukik Vromon Kahini
  • Ai Boishakhe
  • Ai Borshai
  • Ai Shob Din Ratri / Serial
  • Amra Tin Jon / Sequel
  • Ayomoy / Serial
  • Antorar Baba
  • Angti
  • Badol Diner Prothom Kodom Ful
  • Badla Diner Gaan
  • Bank Draft
  • Bhoot Bilash
  • Bibaho
  • Bon Kumari
  • Bon Batashi
  • Brihonnola
  • Bohubrihi / Serial
  • Bonoo
  • Bua Bilash
  • Chader Aloy Koyekjon Jubok
  • Cherager Doitto
  • Chipa Voot
  • Chele Dekha
  • Chor
  • Choitro Diner Gaan
  • Chondro Grohon
  • Chondro Karigor
  • Chondro Grosto
  • Durotto
  • Dui Du Konay Char
  • Eka
  • Eki Kando
  • Enayet Alir Sagol
  • Goni Shaheber Shesh Kichudin
  • Gondho
  • Griho Shukh Private Limited
  • Gunin
  • Habiber Shongshar
  • Hablonger Bazar
  • Hamid Miar Ijjot
  • Himu / Sequel
  • Iblish
  • Jahir Karigor
  • Jibon Japon
  • Josnar Fool
  • Joota Baba
  • Jootar Baksho
  • Joituri
  • Jomunar Jol Dekhte Kalo
  • Jol Torongo
  • Jolay Bhasha Podmo
  • Kala Koitor / Serial
  • Kakaru
  • Khoab Nogor
  • Kothao Keo Naei / Serial
  • Konay Dekha
  • Kuhok
  • Majhe Majhe Tobo Dekha Pai
  • Megh Boleche Jabo Jabo / Serial
  • Missed Call
  • Mofiz Miar Choritro
  • Montri Mohodoyer Agomom
  • Natto Mongoler Kotha
  • Nim Ful
  • Nogoray Doitto
  • Nitu Tomake Valobashi / 2 Episodes
  • Nuruddin Shorno Podok
  • Ochin Ragini / 3 Episodes
  • Onushondhan
  • Openti Bioscope
  • Oporanho
  • Otoppor Shuvo Bibaho
  • Paap
  • Pathor
  • Project Himalaya
  • Podmo
  • Pushpo Kotha
  • Rumali / Serial
  • Rupkotha
  • Rupar Ghonta
  • Rupali Ratri / 3 Episodes
  • Shonar Kolosh
  • Shobai Geche Bonay
  • Showkot Shaheber Gari Kena
  • Rubiks Cube
  • Rupali Nokhkhotro / 3 Episodes
  • Shopno Abong Shopno Bhongo
  • Shomudro Bilash Private Limited
  • Suri
  • Tara Tin Jon / Sequel
  • Tritio Noyon
  • Turuper Tash
  • Vejabo Chokh Shomudrer Jolay
  • Wang Pi
  • Zinda Kobor
  • 24 Carat Man


  • Lekhak Shibir Prize (1973)
  • Bangla Academy Award (1981)
  • Shishu Academy Award
  • Jainul Abedin Gold Medal
  • Michael Madhusudan Medal (1987)
  • Bacsas Prize (1988)
  • Humayun Qadir Memorial Prize (1990)
  • National Film Award (Best Story 1993, Best Film 1994, Best Dialogue 1994)
  • Ekushe Podok (1994)
  • ShellTec Award (2007)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Using Git for in windows Computer

1. First create an account on
   It then generate username and password.
2. Then install git for windows.
3. Now in git bash (command line) go to the folder in which local folder your project is in.
4. Give command for clone (SVN CHECKOUT)

git clone


git clone 

5. First initialization of repo

git init

6.  Now add the file you need to upload.

git add *.java
git add *.txt
git add *.c
git add *.cpp

7. Now commit these code.

git commit

*there are types on commit.So read it in

8. Add the remote origin

git remote add origin

9. Finally, Push the code to google code

git push orgin --all

It will then ask for username and password.

Give that which we have at the registration to

And now everything is done.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Developing Microsoft Lync Client with NTLMv2 security

First of all when I studied MS-SIP I was stuck. I don't get enough help from msdsn which is microsoft own social site for lync client developing.I post three post there and don't get any response.But after huge while with lots of efforts I was able to log in lync server by my own client.Now I will share the particular difficulties with everybody , which I have solved. So that no one stuck in this....I will write here slowly with description.

The topics will be..

1. urn:uuid generation
2. NT key generation
3. LM key generation
4. NT response generation
5. LM response generation
6. NTv2 response generation
7. LMv2 response generation
8. RC4K encryption
9. MD5 encryption
10. HMAC MD5 encryption
11. Base64 encoder/decoder
12. Binary to hexa
13. gssapi-data generation
14. Format of gssapi-data
15. response/signature generation

Developing of Lync-client is complete .Now when I get the free time I will write the procedure here.

The link for Description of these part is Here