Sunday, February 12, 2012

Developing Microsoft Lync Client with NTLMv2 security

First of all when I studied MS-SIP I was stuck. I don't get enough help from msdsn which is microsoft own social site for lync client developing.I post three post there and don't get any response.But after huge while with lots of efforts I was able to log in lync server by my own client.Now I will share the particular difficulties with everybody , which I have solved. So that no one stuck in this....I will write here slowly with description.

The topics will be..

1. urn:uuid generation
2. NT key generation
3. LM key generation
4. NT response generation
5. LM response generation
6. NTv2 response generation
7. LMv2 response generation
8. RC4K encryption
9. MD5 encryption
10. HMAC MD5 encryption
11. Base64 encoder/decoder
12. Binary to hexa
13. gssapi-data generation
14. Format of gssapi-data
15. response/signature generation

Developing of Lync-client is complete .Now when I get the free time I will write the procedure here.

The link for Description of these part is Here