Friday, June 8, 2012

Using Git for in windows Computer

1. First create an account on
   It then generate username and password.
2. Then install git for windows.
3. Now in git bash (command line) go to the folder in which local folder your project is in.
4. Give command for clone (SVN CHECKOUT)

git clone


git clone 

5. First initialization of repo

git init

6.  Now add the file you need to upload.

git add *.java
git add *.txt
git add *.c
git add *.cpp

7. Now commit these code.

git commit

*there are types on commit.So read it in

8. Add the remote origin

git remote add origin

9. Finally, Push the code to google code

git push orgin --all

It will then ask for username and password.

Give that which we have at the registration to

And now everything is done.

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