Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rar Password Breaker Software or Code Breaker

                                   Name :  Code Breaker , Version : 2.0 ,Platform : Windows XP/7/Vista
                                   Processor : x86/x64. Capability : Utility
                                   Release Date : 12-11-2012. Category :Free

Description :  It is an utility software  which is used for finding the password of  a .rar file.At present it has Brute Force Password generator and Dictionary Search.In Brute Force generator length of the password can be specified.As we speak it is an Utility Tool ,to use it user must have Winrar Installed.It is multithreaded soft.Here the password are checked in three thread.Use of three thread
1. Symbols.
2. Backward Symbols.
3. Numbers.
4. Auto Shutdown After Generation
5. Time Consumed

Prerequisite :
1. WinRar Installed.

How to Use : In Rar File Location give the location of RAR file you want to break.Select the Procedure(eg. Brute Force ,Dictionary). In Brute Force Procedure you must have to give the Pass Length.In Dictionary Procedure have to give some time to initialize the Dictionary.As the Dictionary we provide are compressed and only 3mb.But In Initialization phase it is decompressed and become 8.87mb . It only need one time initialization.Learn It (AI)is not present in this version.

In winrar unara.exe location   give the location of Unrar.exe of Winrar.
(eg.C:\Program Files\WinRAR\UnRAR.exe).

Now Click on Password Generate Button it will generate the desired Password.

SUCCESS: 500 + download
Download ( Code Breaker V2.0 )

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