Monday, August 5, 2013

How to export sip and a/v certificate from lync server and edge server in lync 2010/2013.

To enable a lync user 3 certificates are necessary. These certificates are exported from lync server, edge server and directory control.

Certificate for specific services:

0. Root CA
1. SIP services/Lync Front-end.
2. AV services/Edge .

1. SIP services. :

STEP 1.  Goto run in windows button in lower left corner and type mmc.

STEP 2.  In mmc window selecte File-->Add/Remove snap-in.

STEP 3.  Select Certificates from Add/Remove snap-in.
STEP 4.  Select Computer Account from Certificate Snap-in.

STEP 5.   Click Next and do all of the necessary stuff on the way.

STEP 6.  Select Personal->certificates from  mmc console.

  After that select the certificate you need to export and click right button of mouse and from All Tasks select export.

STEP 8.  Just follow necessary stuff and get your certificate by instruction from next click.

For Edge server certificate follow the same process used in lync server certificate.

If you find it more complex please use Digicert utility.

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