Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Web services not running on Azure suddenly with error '-2147023436'

Suddenly on 06/06/2018 around 7:20am UTC), our Azure application services stopped running.  We were seeing the following error:

Process '5324' failed to start.
Port = 29399
Error Code = '-2147023436'.

Restarting the services doesn't help.

Error on eventlog.xml dumped as -

            <Provider Name="HttpPlatformHandler"/>
            <TimeCreated SystemTime="2018-06-06T01:35:40Z"/>
            <Data>Process '3408' failed to start. Port = 14790, Error Code = '-2147023436'.</Data>
We spend over 8 hours to figure out the issue as we have few live company on the service as a customer. It was hail storm. But whatever, I was able to find the root cause and it seems like it is the issue of Microsoft Azure services itself. Reason was they have updated their app services to work with only newest jetty for web container and minor java version to newest as must requirement. And no notification for that change.

So if you ever face this issue please go to the application setting from the and set the recommended setting that I have mentioned.

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