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It has azure app service, service bus, event grid usage example.
It also has azure table storage, blog storage integration and usage example.
Moreover how to make scalable servers and services.
Also, have some basic info on Bio-informatics.
Tricks and Tips to solve some most peculiar issues.

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  1. Hi Robel,

    You have put up a fantastic post on using NTLM. I am authenticating with a lync server using TLS-DSK. When I request for security token, the sts is asking me to perform NTLM. I send across type 1 message to the server, to which the server sends me back type 2 message. There after reading and computing the response, I send across type 3 message. This type 3 message is rejected by the sts, and the sts is once again asking to follow up NTLM authentication. The HTTP body in while sending Type 1 and Type 3 message is same. Do you feel there is something more to it that i might be missing ?

  2. @NAVAL

    Thx, but still I am not finished with the post.
    And to your question ....See is the lync server support TLS-DSK.Because I guess you are sending TLS-DSK where the server wants NTLM.

    1. Hi Robel,

      Thanks for the reply. I think my question confused you. I want to do TLS-DSK which I can do once I get the certificate from the certificate issuer. In order to do so, I would need the certificate which I am trying to get from the WebTicketService which is hosted by the STS. Here when I make my request for the certificate, the server asks me to do NTLM. There while doing NTLM, my TYPE-3 message is rejected by the server as Unauthorized and again asks me to perform NTLM. All of this is over HTTPS.