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Robel Sharma
Product Development Manager
AnyConnect Private LTD.
e-mail: robel.sharma at-the-rate

About Me:

-- Expert on implementing Internet standard RFC's.
-- Implemented, use and deployed various Azure services in the scalable server architecture.
-- Created micros-services and deployed in a customer faced environment.
-- Expert of IOT technology and use cases on deployment.
-- Expert on STUN, TURN, ICE, SIP Server.
-- Expert on Microsoft standard SIP, ICE, TURN, STUN, Presence. 
-- Expert on XMPP, gTalk, libJingle CLASSIC STUN, ICE. 
-- Expert on WebRTC Ice, signalling, SRTP, DTLS.
-- Expert on Bandwidth management for Real-time media communication.
-- Expert on Gateway technology for supporting multiple Internet standards in the same platform for real-time Audio/Video communication.
-- 7 years experience in C++ in real-time development.
-- 7 years experience on real-time Audio/Video internet communication.
-- Work on an accelerated development environment for providing customer support.

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